Scouting Forn Sidr (Ásatrú Boy and Girl Scouts)

Ásatrú is remembrance. It's about homage. It's about coming home. Stephen McNallen (USA)


Although relatively small compared to well established scout organizations, the growing interest in Ásatrú-faith communities (kindred), attracts parents loyal to the Aesir worried about the future, about the cost of keeping their children busy, specially during holiday seasons, a time when sometimes kids could be drawn into trouble. The Scout program improve the opportunities for Ásatrú, run by and for boys and girls.

Two small groups are virtually active up to date: Stavanger (Norway) and Malmö (Sweden)

Ásatrú Scouting is a non-aligned movement. Forn Sidr Scout Troops battle to remain mostly independent because the monotheistic Abrahamic religions predominance as we experienced certain nonconstructive thoughts, attitudes and behaviours, incredibly hostile to changes nor respect to our religious beliefs. We are not against other religions nor ethical systems of peace and understanding but open to contribute for healthy youth.



1. A Scout's honor is to be trusted
2. A Scout is loyal
3. A Scout is brave
4. A Scout's duty is to be useful and to help others
5. A Scout tells the truth always
6. A Scout is responsible
7. A Scout does nothing by half
8. A Scout is disciplined
9. A Scout is persevering



On my honour I promise that

  1. I will do my duty to the Aesir, the Vanir and the country.
  2. I will do my best to help others, whatever it costs me.
  3. I know the scout law, and will obey it.